Infertility is a common ailment both male and females, sources say that it has not only increased in India however in the other parts of the world as well

While there are many who are not comfortable sharing their infertility struggles it is known to all that it is one of the concerns I many of the couples today. Not all know that finding the root cause of infertility could be simple as well as complex which may need a number of investigations. IVF & Infertility Speciality Clinic in Delhi ncr mention that the reason for infertility would be as simple as a cyst, fibroid or a hormonal imbalance to a complex issue like exposure to chemical substances or radioactive elements in the past.

ivf doctors in Delhi ncr mention that infertility is equally common in male and females both. While there are a number of reasons associated with an increased rate of infertility. Some of the common reasons for the rise are,

  • Change in lifestyle
  • Stress and obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Incorrect or inappropriate eating habits
  • Pollution and medical disorders

Additionally, in men, the common reasons could be,

  • Low sperm count
  • Morphology abnormalities
  • Low mortality of sperm

Infertility is no longer confined to a woman and with an increase in infertility treatment in Delhi ncr for both men and woman clearly indicates so. There are cases wherein both men and women have issues and now there is medical advancement that helps in treating both the partners successfully.

Many of us do not take a body seriously and we wake up only when we come across issues which are not correct. We need to take care of our body more with increasing age. For women who are obese issues like insulin resistance, irregular periods and many other ailments increase.  Thus, you will find a number of women opting for surgery for blocked tubes in Delhi ncr.

There are a number of other treatments that include surgery for fibroids in Delhi ncr and other related surgeries are now available to deal with infertility issues and increase the chances of becoming a parent. Usually, it is said that one should wait for at least one year before he or she opts to meet an infertility specialist. Even after trying for a year a woman is unable to conceive then it is highly recommended that the couple sees a specialist.

Here are few of the things one should know while dealing with infertility

  • Female infertility can be found easily in the early stage however in men it is a bit tough to recognize at its early stage
  • Stress management is very important for couples planning to conceive
  • While consulting a doctor is it important that the couple finds out the diet that is required to increase the fertility. There are cases wherein nutritional deficiencies have caused infertility issues
  • Blocked fallopian tubes made need number of tests at times surgery as well
  • Irregular menstrual cycle and fluctuation in weight are a sign that there is something that is not right. It is imperative that it is correct as soon as possible
  • Once the root cause is found it is important that you and the doctor decide on the treatment that will prove to be beneficial
  • In men, usually, the semen is tested to understand the sperm count, strength and other factors that could be a possible reason for infertility. Since it is not easy to detect male infertility at the early stages thus one has to consider a check on hormonal levels, testosterone levels, physiological issues, any defects in genital organs, STD, retrograde ejaculation and others
  • The couple needs to understand and support each other while dealing issues like infertility. While this process takes time both have to be patient and avoid any discomfort in the relationship
  • There are times that after a number of tests and medications the exact cause and reasons are not found and thus can create troubles in finding the right solution

There are a number of couples that go for In Vitro Fertilization or IVF and is also one of the common procedures done by specialists today. The cost of ivf treatment in Delhi ncr varies from other associated issues of any and the clinic with the kind of expertise the doctor has.

Facts in men and women in terms of infertility

  • A sperm can live up to five days
  • A normal menstrual cycle can last from between 21 to 36 days
  • Having sex daily does not increase the chance of conceiving
  • After a woman runs out of eggs her menopause occurs
It is important that both men and women take care of their health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoid coffee, alcohol, and smoking, eat healthily and have a minimal exposure to toxic chemicals.



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